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The aesthetic of the nose is viewed differently by people. Objectively unsightly criteria are crooked ridges of the nose, wide nostrils but also bulging nose-tips or nose-tips that hang down. The correction of the nose is one of the most demanding operations in aesthetic surgery and should only be done by an experienced plastic surgeon. The aim of the rhinoplasty operation is to produce a natural, aesthetically pleasing nose in proportion with the face. It is rarely possible or appropriate to shape a 'replica of an idealised celebrity nose'. Together with you, in detailed consultations, we would like to find the form of nose most suitable for you.

Major complications from the rhinoplasty operation are rare. However, minor irregularities and asymmetries can sometimes occur when all the swelling has resolved. This may require a small secondary adjustment in about 5-10% of patients.

The correction is made under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic, depending on the complexity, through a cut within the nose or, if necessary, via the columella (open rhinoplasty). If you should request an alteration to the skeletal structure of the nose a splint will be necessary for the nose after the operation.

If you want more information on this procedure please call us or contact us by e-mail. 

Rhinoplasty details


Hospital Stay: 0 - 2 days, depending on complexity 

Type of anaesthesia: local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia

Follow up treatment: cooling of nose, nose plaster for 10 - 14 days 

Risks: haematoma, swelling of the nose, unsightly scarring; further correction 

Final result: after 6 - 12 months 

Recovery period: approximately 2 - 3 weeks