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Face lift and neck lift

Facelift and Neck Lift

With age the renewal of elastic and collagen fibres decreases. The skin and the connective tissue of the face and neck lose their elasticity and tension - the face grows slack. So called jowls appear next to the chin, deep wrinkles around the mouth, the upper lip and the eyes (Crows feet). On the neck obvious strings of muscle show. The facial expression becomes sorrowful and weary. Additionally, facial ageing is often accompanied by loss of fat in the face. This often affects the whole organism and leads to general fatigue. A facelift can give your face back the expression of youthful vigour and make you feel as dynamic as you once did again.  

Facelift and neck lift  
The aim is to produce a brighter, fresher more youthful appearance without a ’tight’ or ’operated’ look. When doing a facelift, the skin and underlying connective tissue system, the so-called "SMAS", are lifted and stretched reaching close to the corners of the mouth, while at the same time protecting the facial nerves. This succeeds in a strengthening of the structure holding the connective tissue.
Hanging parts of the neck, furrows on the neck or a double chin are considered to be very disturbing. Mostly, we do tightening of the neck in combination with a conventional facelift. It follows the removal of surplus skin and the severing of irritating cords on the neck. The simultaneous treatment of a double chin can often optimise the result. The cuts are placed behind the ear into the hair. A facelift is suitable from the age of 40 onward and can still cause amazing results in old age. This technique achieves a clearly visible rejuvenation.

A face lift can either be done as a single procedure or can be combined with other operations such as eye lift, brow lift or lipo filling.  

Brow and forehead Lift 
Apart from normal skin ageing processes, a distinct facial expression also leaves deep furrows especially on the forehead, which often give the face an angry and strained look. When a brow lift is done the skin of the forehead is tightened. This results in a lifting of the eyebrows which can give your face its clarity back and create a more alert impression. The cuts are hidden under the hair. 

Volumetric Facelift 
Facial ageing is often accompanied by loss of volume in the face. The solution to this is transfer of fat, so called 'lipofilling'. Particularly useful for thin faces, fat transfer procedure uses a different approach to restoring a youthful appearance by injecting the patients’ own fat into the face. A combination of lipofilling and face lift is called volumetric facelift.  

If you want more information on this procedure please call us or contact us by e-mail. 

Face lift details


Hospital Stay: 1 - 2 days, depending on the type of facelift 

Type of anaesthesia:  general anaesthesia 

Follow up treatment: cooling of face, avoiding strenuous physical acitivities for 1-2 weeks 

Risks: haematoma, swelling, unsightly scarring, temporary feeling of numbness, rarely paralysis of the facial nerves 

Recovery period: approximately 3 - 4 weeks