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Breast Reconstruction

Prof. Heitmann and Prof. Fansa are internationally renowned breast reconstructive surgeons with over 25 years of experience in breast reconstruction. They have presented their own techniques in breast reconstructice surgery at conferences around the world and in medical literature. More than 300 patients with breast reconstuctions are treated per year at our institution.
For anyone considering breast reconstruction our team with our breast care nurse provides experienced, professional and independent advice, including full discussion as to suitability, outcomes and recovery times. 

Reconstructive surgery of the breast deals with the restoration of form and aesthetic appearance of the breast after tumour operations. Over the past few years more consideration has been given to the reconstruction of the breast after its removal.
There are different possibilities of breast reconstruction, which are adapted individually to the patient. In the following we would like to present the different possibilities of reconstruction to you and give you a brief insight into our spectrum of experience.
Two questions will be presented to you if breast cancer has been detected, making breast amputation inevitable: do I want reconstruction in the first place and when shall it take place? Nowadays it is possible for us to restore the breast in the same operation as it is removed. This is called immediate or primary reconstruction.
It spares you the feeling of waking up "without a breast". It has been proved that removal and reconstruction of the breast taking place in one operation do not negatively affect the necessary post-operational treatment, such as radiation treatment or chemotherapy.
Another possibility is the so-called secondary reconstruction. If your breast has been removed already some time ago, or you are not able to decide on primary reconstruction, the breast can be reconstructed at another stage. Here, also, different techniques and procedures are available.

Due to identification of special genes, such as BRCA and others, we know that some women are prone to develop breast cancer. For these patients a prophylactic mastectomy (breast removal) and immediate reconstruction is carried out. According to medical literature the risk to develop breast cancer is then reduced by 90-95%.

Choice of procedure
After thorough examination and individual consultation we have different ways of proceeding available:

1. » Reconstruction using expander and implants

2. » Breast reconstruction using body's own tissue, so called autologous tissue:

a. » ...with tissue from the back (Latissimus dorsi muscle-flap or T-DAP-flap)
b. » ...with tissue from the abdomen (DIEP-flap)
c. » ...with tissue from the inner thigh (TMG-flap or PAP-flap)
d. » ...with tissue from the buttock (S-GAP-flap or FCI-flap)